A Giant Tiger Chameleon asking for directions.
(or it could be sizing up to eat that person)
Some people have been asking how I paint or
wanted to see my process so I took a bunch of wip pics
Can ask me questions if you want!
All the steps were done in Artage and the last step in PS.
I uploaded it on DA cause blogger makes it all pixelated!


mo said...

sweet stuff man as usual and diggin` the wip-s!

C.R. MacTernan said...

Dude Jefferey, That's a great looking painting man! I will have to check out the WIPS in a sec, but your end result is beautiful! ;) Hope all is well m' friend!

Diegus said...

Thanks for the wip, it´s so interesting and useful; I have yet to get used to Art Rage, though I still think it´s a great software. Btw, I love the darker one of the two previous pics, it´s simply an awesome and strong picture.

Scott Altmann said...

really nice man! - love the color shifts going on here.
Thanks for WIP too :)

Aunty Scone said...

Aw, he's gorgeous Jeff!

pablo pablo said...

great work!

Wendi said...

wowwowow, gorgeous colors and impact!! i think this one of my favorite of yours, been an admirer of your art for quite some time! ;)

Neo Geng Tong said...

I need to experiment with Art Rage more. Thanks for WIPs :D

Howard Shum said...

Nice work!

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks again peoplez!

Mo: haha thanksa!
Christinee + Scott: Thanks! its always an honour to have you two comment on my stuff~ not worthyy
Diegus: Thanks! yea I love artrage! glad you found it useful!
Claire: Thanke ye!
Pablo: Thanks!
Wendi: Gosh, thats such a nice compliment! Thank you very much :)
Neo Geng: Thanks! yes! you should give it a try!
Howard: Thanksa!