New Stuff and trying stuff! Abit late for the Beholder challenge on
Artorder but still fun to draw anyway :)
Procession of spirits in search of a new home, weeping for the
land that has been cut down and destroyed.


Ben BASSO said...

Oh, I love the first piece, you can't know how much !

Cacodaemonia said...

Man, these look amazing! The beholder is super creepy and those two environments are very... well, they definitely each tell a story. :)

Rich C said...

Great creature, would look very nice when painted :)

shauky said...

Just discovered your blog. Thanks for the inspiring work

mo said...

dude! the third one is simply mesmerizing! thanks for sharing!

Jeffrey Cheung said...

the last one looks so PERDY!

perdy is pretty in case you didn't get it. :D

Anonymous said...

That's a grand beholder there. Sorry about your internet woes the other day.


Danny Araya said...

awesome stuff as usual dude

Neo Geng Tong said...

Cool beholder there, Jeff. Second environment has a nice spooky atmosphere.

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks everyone!

Ben: Thanks! I also like it too!
Chelsea!: Thank you very much!
Rich: Thanks, I will probably do that :)
Shauky: Thanks! aw you're too kind!
Mo: Thanks!
Jeff: haha using such complicated words for me XD
Jon: Thanks so much! had lotsa fun drawing it!
Danny: Thank ye!
Neo: Thanksa!