Artorder: Mutation Nation

Heres my entry for mutation nation! Mantis+Deer = Manteer
and bunch of other stuff!

everyone needs dragonfly messengers.


Sam Wolfe Connelly said...

stunning as always!

fungi said...

great work man, love the beholder!

Cacodaemonia said...

These are amazing! That mantis deer, especially is really... haunting. It feels like some kind of sentinel, maybe the last living creature in that barren landscape. I may have to save it and use it as my desktop image. :)

The beholder and the sketches are also great, but that mantis deer is just... killing me!

Andrew Olson said...

cool stuff, that mantis is out there, very creepy combo

Scott Altmann said...

mantis deer is wicked ! Really liking this stuff...that last sketch has got a cool perspective too

Diegus said...

That Manteer looks like something out of a Bosch painting, pretty surrealistic, man!

Ben BASSO said...

Awesome pieces, as always !

Anonymous said...

lovely pieces! The beholder is just grand, and the Manteer is just plan creepy.

MuYoung Kim said...

Very lovely, very lovely indeed! The Manteer has the same majestic feel as the Spirit of the Forest in Princess Mononoke (pre-beheaded version).

Oh, and I'm still waiting on that bit of brain you promised to mail me!


Jeremy Elder said...

Sweet stuff Jeff - I really like the top one. Creepy and creative!

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks so much for all the kind comments!

Sam!: Thank you very much
MR FUNGI: haha thanks! glad you like :)
Chelsea!: Thanksa! aw you're too kind
Andrew: Thanks! Yea creepy creepy!
Scott:Thanks! yea I think i'll try more crazy perspective!
Deigus: haha thought it would make a neat combo :)
Ben: Thanks!
Jon: Thanks for following and commenting on my little blog :)
MuYoung: Thanks! aw no! I totally forgot about that!
I shall have to cook up somethin (or should i say cut)
Jeremy: Thanks man!

Carolyn said...

awesome! I love to see your sketches too!