Titmouse 5 second day

Something I helped out with for Titmouse's 5 second day XD
Great group effort!

Jump: Colour!

My 'Jump' animaion, now in colour!
All done in the Toonboom :)

HTTYD Fanimation!

HTTYD Fanimation! 
I wanted to test out the camera functions in Toonboom.


I was watching Korra and just admiring the backgrounds~
Inspiring stuff!
(whoa, a wild painting appeared)

*Edit: did some more paintin around


Not really an art update but the 'Bishoujou Senshi Dark Knight'
made it onto io9! haha

Effects 04

Explosions! What else would I be doing *shrug*
Oh didn't know you could put animated gifs onto blogspot.
Here's a youtube link anyway