Niko and the Sword of Light!

Check out the Pilot that was animated at Titmouse!
Everyone did such a great job!!

You can watch it on Amazon
Watch/Rate/Give it some feedback so we can do more!

A small preview clip!

Doodlin in LA

I'm actually in LA at the moment!
I'm takin some classes at CDA, tryin to improve~
So here's some sketches and doodles.
Anyone wanna go drawing!

House of Marley: The Get Together

House of Marley: The Get Together
I did some FX animation for this!

Psy-Op Production Credits:
Lydia Holness - Executive Producer
Ryan Mack - Producer
Nick Read - Producer
Gerald Ding - Psy-Op Creative Director
Nile Saulter - Director of Photography
Eddie Grams - Second DP
Cass Vanini - Editor
Hye Sung Park - Art Director
Jamal Otolorin - Lead Animator
Jeffrey Lai - Animator
Hyun Song - Animator
Maxim Kornev - Compositor
Ron Sudul - Colorist, Nice Shoes

Legend of Korra!

Check out the video game trailer for 'The Legend of Korra' !!!!
Sung Jin Ahn, Jeremy Polgar and I did these shots at Titmouse.
(and of course the inbetween action done in Korea)
I worked on the Bending/FX stuff.
What a fantastic job everybody did!

Titmouse 5 second day

Something I helped out with for Titmouse's 5 second day XD
Great group effort!