Portfolio book! (and some bizcards)
 It's nice to see it all in one format.
Overall i'm quite happy with how it turned out.

I'm flying to San Francisco soon
(before heading to Comic-con)
It would be cool if anyone wanted to meet up!
drop me a line!


Tommi said...

oh I say! That is REALLY nice Jeff.

Tyler Parkinson said...

sweet book! I would so meet up if I lived in Cali, have fun at comic-con :)

Jason said...

All looks tight.
Should have no trouble getting some jobs lined up.

Ty Carey said...

Looks fab mate!

Tim Hackett said...

Beautiful portfolio Jeff! Where'd you get it made up?

Good luck with Comic con =)

Christian Pearce said...


Orangee said...

wow, looks so nice! )

i would be happy to meet if i lived in San Francisco )

Matt Elser said...

I'll be at Comic-con! Are you just visiting Comic-con or will you have a table er' something?

BrandNewStudio said...


Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks everybody!

Tim: I got it done by http://www.blurb.com
and did it over the internet! how awesome

ChrisD. said...

Nice book! I was going to ask where you got it made too...but now I see. :) Thanks for sharing.