SDCC Conclusion!

SDCC was all kinds of crazy!
Met friends from over the internet! Met insanely talented artists!
It actually surpassed everything I was expecting.
The exhibit hall was huge and filled up with everything awesome!
If you ever get the chance to go, take it!
(I hear the tickets sell out so fast it's not funny)
Thanks again to Weta for inviting me along
I contributed a few pieces to Paul Tobin's artbook 
(Conceptartist at Weta)
Heres a few snaps!
What a fun trip that was!
(i'd love to attend more events! I somehow have to get over there)
This guy had an awesome costume.
Weta people being busy!
It was great meeting Jon Schindehette in person!
Rebecca Guay!
Jon Foster!! Happy that he liked my work!
I met others but forgot to take photos!
Loot! Well I didn't actually buy that much.
Nice group shot (Courtesy of the Weta fb page)
And some sketching I did at the airport O_o


jamesface said...

You met some kick ass people! Looks like it was a lot of fun.

I am so jealous of you and everyone who went to SDCC :(

Oh well, at least there is NYCC to look forward to!

rodrigoart said...

awesome jeff, looks like you had a great time. How was SF? I loved that place. Hope your inspired and ready to rock ;)

Corysaur said...

Nice hat!

Stryke said...


Katy Hargrove said...

It was great meeting you at CC Jeffrey! Looks lik you had a really wonderful time. Man, how did I miss that Vader guy with the chef hat. XD

Jeffrey Lai said...

Yea I had such a blast over there!

James: I sure did! make sure you go sometime!
Rod: SF was great! really hilly! haha
Cory: I liked that hat too! I bought it in Chinatown :)
otherwise my face woulda got all sunburnt!
Stryke: :)
Katy! it was nice meetin ya! YEA that vader had jar jars head on a platter XD