Got blindsided.


Alex Lyon said...

Lovin the composition man. And the color shift from foreground to background are really workin. Kudos

Diegus said...

Hey Jeff, excellent one, as always. I have to say that, even if the figure is against the light, it shouldn´t be just flat. That, or parts of the giant alligator should share the same flatness, otherwise the figure doesn´t look integrated with the rest of the picture.

Other than that, great work!

Scott Altmann said...

Great composition and movement Jeff! Diegus certainly has valid points, but I still think this is strong piece!

Jake Murray said...

Hey Jeff. Just wanted to say thanks for the comment on my blog! Your work is fantastic. I'm putting putting a link up!

Bernadette said...

Man! your color sense is absolutely killer, so heavy!

Powell said...

Whoa really solid work man! Love your compositions.

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks everybody!

Alex: Thanks! yea I also liked that about this piece too!
Diegus: Thanks, ah yea I see what you mean, it does look abit flat doesn't it?
Scott: Thank you very much!
Jake: Thank ye! I shall do the same!
Bernadette: Thanks! love your work too!
Powell: Thanks man! your work is freakin awesome!