Sketchbook 19

Squirrel! He likes to collect Shiny things.
(I kinda wonder if I could get into animation)
heres his little den.


C.R. MacTernan said...

Awww Jeff! These are so cool. I love the varied shapes. So this was a personal project? Very cool. :)

- said...

what a cute character. ;o;

Diegus said...

Great! Makes me wish to draw something a little cartoonish for a change! Why don´t you put some of these faces together on a simple PS animation?

Jeffrey Lai said...

Christine: haha! I was rather inspired by your previous sketches of the hamsters! maybe they can both hang out some day!
Britney: haha cute critters!
Diegus: Thanks! yea I think i'll give it a go..