First painting of 2010!
This is Calathea, another one of the elder tree spirits
She controls most of the Northern tropical borders of the
forest, where she renews the boundaries to keep outside
visitors out. She has her spiritual minions to do her bidding

great quote from a documentary about Mongolia
'Mankind plunders the earth for her treasures,
thus driving the spirits away. We pray to bring them back'
gonna work that into the story!


Ben BASSO said...

Wow, all these colors! Suberb, Jeffrey!

Damion009 said...

!!!!! WOW !!!!! This is out-fucking-standing!!!!

Trashy said... those painterly strokes so much and those lush textures. Awesome Jeff!

Cacodaemonia said...

Gorgeous! I love those juicy textures in the tree root type things. :D

Grace "MingYun" Fong said...

I love it, Jeff! Those textures are awesome.

Char Reed said...

Beautiful colours and just the flowyness of the painting. I need to learn how to paint flowing fabric!

Big Sam said...

Got a final boss kinda feel to it! I dig it!

Don Effect said...

Looks really sweet i dig the blues and purples very warm.The only crits i have to say is that the waist bends kinda wired and the foreshortening on the left arm is a bit off.But all in all very sweet.

Scott Altmann said...

oooo -very nice
nice ethereal feeling to this

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks everyone!
Ben: Thanks! I like the colours too!
Damion: haha! Thanks man
Sean: Thank you! painterly painterly is what I like!
Chealsea: Thanks! Trees are awesome.
Grace: Thank ye!
Char: Thank you! fabric is a tricky thing to master!
Sam: Thanks! haha boss fight boss fight!
Don: Thanks! Oh I abit of the tree trunk is covering her waist, so shes sort of sitting in abit, but I see what you mean, it does look like her torso is crazy weird. thanks for the crit! i'll definitely take it on board
Scott: Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

wow I want to smoke weed on this