Goblins trying to rip you off of course!
My first painting done in Artrage!
(based on a sketch I did :)
Happy Holidays to you all!
(and lookin for work of course!)


Ben BASSO said...

A relly great piece !
Happy holidays again!

MuYoung Kim said...

Wow, this is certainly a strong showcase of what can be done in the 'Rage!

Love the painterly strokes there...reminds me of something you might see gracing the cover of Times (if they did cool fantasy illustrations).


Damion009 said...

wow... that all that comes to mind..

Michael Manalac said...

Love those skin tones, Jeff - great rendering, as always! Its also really cool to see the original pencil rendering and the transition to colour.

How is Artrage? I've been meaning to give that a shot.

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks pplez!

Ben: Thanks! hope you had a good holiday season
MuYoung: Thanks! you should give it a try!
Damion: haha thank you :)
Michael: Thanks! yea I really need to render more of my sketches! should give it a try!