Spirits + Response

These are a continuation of my other pic [link]
Here is their response to the outsiders proposal!
Many of the forest spirits come out to see what all the commotion is about.


MuYoung Kim said...

Wow...you really are a superstar. Great pieces as always, Jeff. One thing about the first one, though, is that you might want to either pop-out the bird spirit or make it a touch bigger. I'm assuming it's the star of the story in the painting, and some more contrast and detail will really reinforce that.

Hmmm...me being helpful (?)...weird...

Alex Lyon said...

I hate painter.

That is all. Wait! nice post.

I am really diggin the concept for the knight/hero in the bottom paint.

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks MuYoung
yep I shall take your words of wisdom!
and edit them

Thanks Alex!
I can see why people love and hate painter lol

CeeJay said...

painter pwns for initial work, photoshops rotate canvas is touchy ><.

Wicked work, man youve been busy! you on like a sketchbook a month now ? lol

thanks for the inspiration, ill be back for more :D

Michael Manalac said...

Love the colour and the rendering Jeff, beautiful stuff.