Need more dynamic!
I found it quite hard to get my head around someone
fighting with a staff, since the range/type of movement is
quite different than without one.
I think i'll start fleshing out all these youkais and crazy world.
Now to do some backgrounds!
I haven't quite come up with names
but they're brother and sister.


Simon Weaner said...

love these!

Gillibean said...

These are so cool! I think they are plenty dynamic! Thanks for the follow. You looking for work at CTNX too?

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

Super great work!!

The sketches are stellar

Justin Rodrigues said...

you've got some great stuff man!

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks everybody!

Dane Madgwick said...

these are brilliant! I know we all hate being compared to other artist but I feel like you get the same feel of movement to something like Samurai Champloo. Though very much your own! awesome!