A bit of everything in this post
Still need to work on my backgrounds
My continued efforts at animation!
This time it's effects!
It's funny how you don't look at simple things like a
drop of water the same again.
These are just from my brain. I think I need to study 
how water moves and flows more.
(need to click it!)


Chun Lo said...

Nice man! Really digging that house :)

Purdy said...

Hey Jeff, I've not been around much but I wanted to say that your artwork is still incredible to view, and I'm really liking your animation experiments, keep at it matey, you're kicking mighty ass!

Jeff Lafferty said...

That painting is just awesome and I love the sketches.

Also I really like the animation tests too, they seem very naturalistic.

Daniel.Z said...

Hey Jeff
Nice to see you're getting into animation!
Pretty good attempts so far. Look forward to more.