Street Punks

Look at them limbs fly!
Some crazy sketchin
Practicing some perspective/pov


Mark Molnar said...

hellyeah! love these Jeff! awesome dynamic stuff!

MuYoung Kim said...

You're so daring and dynamic, Jeff! In fact, you could be fast becoming the art equivalent of The Daredevil!

...discounting the blindness part...and the awful design of his costume...umm...hmmm...



Carolyn said...

Awesome! I was actually just trying to play around with some dynamic stuff like this for my action comic book project that I am working on. That is funny that you just put this up. Very inspiring! thanks :)

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks guys!

Mark: haha yeaa dynamic all the way!
MuYoung: lol I don't think i'm cool as him! Thanks man :D
Carolyn: Thanks very much! dynamic stuff is so fun to draw! good luck on your comicbook project!