Musta been fun workin on that particular movie~
oh how awesome it would be to work for them!


Scott Altmann said...

Awesome designs Jeff! When I read dragons, I was not expecting these designs- really creative stuff.

Carolyn said...

I love the movement in your sketches. Really cool detail!

gonzalexx said...

Great and awesome work, Jeff!
Your art rocks!
Its so cool to see the variety. I am learning on my own, at a slow pace, and I can appreciate what it takes. You've got great talent, and that makes the journey very satisfying.

Damion009 said...

these fucking dragons ROCK!!!

Purdy said...

Brilliant stuff matey, you seem to be able to switch subject 'just like that'.
Oh I might nab one of these and paint him up!

Neo Geng Tong said...

Interesting variations on dragon designs. That movie does inspire creativity on the subject doesn't it? :)

Bakkanekko said...

Aaaaahhh!~ I love the first batch! They're so cute! <33

Trashy said...

Woah Jeff you've been cranking out some seriously sweet stuff. Nice man these dragons are pretty freaking good!

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks everybody!

Scott: hehe yea thought i'd experiment abit :)
Carolyn: Thanks!
Gonzalexx: Thank you!
Damion009: haha thanks! dragons are pretty awesome~
Scott!: Thanks! yusss paint one up!
Neo Geng: It did! would be so cool to work on something like that!
Bakkanekko: Thanks! haha yea cute XD
Sean: Thanks! haha yea just drawing all the time accumulates lots of things I suppose XD