Study Study Study

I got my hands on a set of plastercasts!
They're incredibly fun to paint. I'm not sure why I hadn't done so
before. On another note I was reading Jon's Artorder blog, and made
me think what I really want to do. I'd love to do conceptart for games,
I kinda wonder how hard it is for someone from overseas
to get into the industry. (and doesn't really have any experience)
Would people want to hire little ole me haha.
(maybe be like a intern or something)
I don't really know where to begin! Is it as simple as just applying? or
is the process alot more involved? (I'd be thinking of moving overseas)
If anyone has any guidance i'd be more that grateful.
The whole industry seems abit of a mystery, since I don't have anyone
to ask directly. I'm sure theres other people out there that would
like to know too! My attempt at trying to start a discussion.
Ok, now for some arts!


Michael Manalac said...

Nice studies Jeff - I've been meaning to give these a go myself actually.

As for the concept art thing, I'm lucky enough to do it full time for Krome studios, so if you've got questions, ask away!

In general from looking at your blog, I'd say you've got some great skills (obviously). I could recommend that if you're really looking to get into concept art you should do more digital work - its the way the industry has gone and the very nature of it means you can pump stuff out quicker, or make adjustments and fix things much easier. A lot of the job comes down to efficiency to be honest.

Jez Tuya said...

pretty skux bro :P

Finn Clark said...

Great cast paintings Jeff. I thought they were Bargue studies at first. You captured the lighting really well. I might try and get my hands on some of those casts myself :)

Ben BASSO said...

Very interesting, Jeaph. Great studies and awesome mastery of light.

Lucie said...

This makes me giggle just a bit - we had to paint and draw these casts so much in school, I'd never get them for myself.

But anyways - They look great!

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks Everyone!

Michael:Thanks very much for your insights! (and for letting me email you a bunch of questions
Jez: :D :D
Finn: Thanks man! I highly recommend getting some!
Ben: hehe Thanks Ben! hope to get better with more practice!
Lucie: haha! Thanks very much (this is the first time i've actually painted casts.. I actually wish we did them at uni.