Hi Everyone! just to let you all know, my sketchbook stuff is in the
new Feb issue of 2daritstmag! Quite the honour really.
you can download a pdf of my section .. (btw its about 60mb)

Big thanks to 2dartistmag!

and man thanks for all the comments!
where do all you people come from?
(Happy Chinese New Year!)

Now on to more sketches!
some environment work! and some lifesketchin!
(its where the people of the forest dwell)


Nori Tominaga said...

man that's awesome congrats!

Cacodaemonia said...

Congratulations!! :D That's pretty awesome.

Alex Lyon said...

That is great news man! Feel like all the work is really paying off yet?

Trashy said...

Hell Yeah Jeff Congratz on that publication! Your sketches are surely worthy!

Love them sketches...oh god I love those environment ones especially.

mo said...

Cool! Congrats man!
The funniest thing is that I just talked with 2DMag guys a couple of days ago and it seems I will be the next one in the March issue. :D
NZ Sketchers Unite! :D

Scott Altmann said...

Congrats Jeff! The new sketches are awesome -those enviros are so engaging . Take care man!

CeeJay said...

congratz on the 2d artist gig man, theses sketches are mean ay ! keep it up

Torei said...

Congratz.~!! :) Nice.~!

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks everyone!
thats all very kind of you!

Alex: i'm not very sure! haha
but hopefully it will :)