Even more!
I draw weird things..


Nori Tominaga said...

awesome as always man, awesome as always.

Are those people sketches from life?

JB Segura said...

you're doing amazing work here. jeff! keep it up!
and do you ever get on msn anymore? D: i miss talking to you!

- jael

Damion009 said...

yes yes and more yes!

JB Segura said...

I know the feeling. I keep on staying away from the net as much as possible but it sucks me back in sometimes.

my twitter:

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks Nori, Jael and Damion!

Nori: o yep those are from life, the train is good for lifedrawing!

Jael: yepp msg you on your blog

Dominic Philibert said...

Awesome work!!!!!!

Christie said...

Yo, hey! Yeah, it's me, Lychi (ahaha!)

Bookmarking your blog now. Super fantastic work!! Keep it up!