Goblins, Otyugh and Dreams

New stuff! lots of fun :)
Scott Purdy has a book called Goblinoids!
--> link <--
(and wow 100 followers O_o)
I think I still like Painter more.


Alex Lyon said...

Great stuff man. I am really liking the details you got in the middle sketch. It's a really neat vibe the composition creates on that page.

Trashy said...

Nice man!

I remember running into that Goblin Book in Barnes&Noble. Good stuff!

I like that painting also!

Anonymous said...

that goblins wicked man! go jeff!

JB Segura said...

just so you know, jeff, your drawings have gotten so effing amazing that I can't help but stare! Keep it up!

Cacodaemonia said...

Sweet sketches. :) I love the smoky, gloomy atmosphere in the painting. :)

Scott Altmann said...

These are great ! Always a treat to see your sketchies :)

Purdy said...

I keep sayin' it.. FLIPPIN'GENIUS!! :)

Cheers for the shoutout Master Lai! :D

Jenea said...

Very good work!!!

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks everyone!
Alex: thanks I quite like the vibe too
Sean: Thanks! I need to get it!
Thaw: Yay goblins!
Jael: Thank youu
Cacodaemonia: Thanks! still experimenting!
ScottA: Thank you so much! glad you like mah sketches!
ScottP: thanks! Hehe no probs!
Jenea: Thank you very much :)