Robot Madness!

Never actually drawn robots before.. so breaking into new territory here. Anyone got any tips?


Jeremy Elder said...

I have never drawn them either, but yours don't look like other people's, which is good.

RAWLS said...

Nice work my friend! This is always the best first step for me when designing bots. From here I'd usually pick a few of the best sketches that have unique shapes and clear silhouettes and start blocking out flat shapes. (I like the one in the middle with the longer legs.)
Either way, these are great man! I'd like to see you take a couple of them further!

jurffy said...

Awesome page man. I guess you could try transportation design too, or cyborgs.

Mr Loulou said...

for a first time, it's pretty good, love your shapes a little bit organic.

I'd like to see more pushed designs now.

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks Jeremy, Darren, Jeff and Mr Loulou!

Its probably because I know nothing about robots or how they function properly *_* (good or bad thing?)
but i'll probably do some black and white studies!

I have to admit they are qutie fun to draw.

mo said...

cool! I like your flowing lines man!
I am not a robot guy either, but it seems you are on the right track. would be cool to see how you push a couple of these to the next level.