Enlightnement and charging horses

just some fun painting


Jeremy Elder said...

I really like your compositions on both of these. Very creative. The lines on the first are great. Very active. Plus, the light background really adds to the depth and mood.

mo said...

finally an update dude! great color use as always and the first illo is just awesome!
keep `em coming! ;-)

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks Jeremy!
been trying to do different things with composition, glad it comes through

thanks mo
haha i'll try to keep up with more work!

s.prescott said...

I really like how you handled the implication of motion on the bottom one - you used technique and artistic touch instead of that "motion blur" gimmick that is so easy for many digital artists to abuse. Bravo, I says!

Diogo Rugeiro said...

Great perception of motion! Congrats! :)