Dark Genie

dark genie~
Some awesome news!
I won artist of the month in issue 41 of Imaginefx!
(in that readers section)
got some cool books for it too :)
I will have to post a pic when I get it!
*yusss got a pic into the darkstalkers tribute!


mclean said...

fun atmosphere, glad to have found your bloggie-blog.

s.prescott said...

excellent genie. I wish for an endless supply of chocolate chip cookies, ever-cool milk to dip them in, and the ability to live off only chocolate chip cookies and milk.

mo said...

nice stuff buddy!
actually I just realized that we have met at the ca workshop - we flipped thru our works on the stage - and you gave me your card what just popped up from the chaos of my workdesk :-).
I have added your link to my blog as you have some great things goin on here.

Cory said...

Sweet! Congrats dude. Ill be watchin for when teh mag comes in at work. Woop!

Cory said...

Excellent! Right back at ya dude. You even get an exclamation mark!

RAWLS said...

Nice work my friend! Congrats on the win!

Jeffrey Lai said...

Cory: yuss exclamation mark, i'll have to return the favor haha

Thanks Rawls!

Bobby Chiu said...

Hey congrats Jeffery! Nice sketch as well.

Jeffrey Lai said...

wow thank you so much bobby!

Anonymous said...

hey jeffy, u shud take a break and go see the impressionists at tepapa! u dont want to burn out do you! btw i got given 4 more books to do yesterday_ i think im gona need a good break after theyre done

Seage said...

mann....way to go!
I hate u, but good job!