It has been a while since I updated! Been abit busy with things.
Thanks to the people who keep up with this blog!
2012 has been rather interesting. I think I grew artistically and personally.
I found out what I actually wanted to do. Animation and Storyboarding!
Though I still have to get better and practice them both. Worked on some
cool things and met some awesome people!

I started this a while ago but didn't get around to finishing it until now.
Move the camera all over the place!
Hope everyone has a happy holiday season!


Emma Lazauski said...

That's great! I think that finding your direction is half the battle; it's hard to get where you want to go if you don't know where that is.

Also, I really like the crazy energy in your action animations. It reminds me of the fight scenes in A:tLA and Samurai Champloo.

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thank you Emma!
Yea I struggled with that for a while!

Yeppp I think i've definitely been influenced by those shows! haha