Earthbending 02

Animation on the brain.
This sure took some time and effort!
but i'm happy with the overall result.
Korra doing her thing again!
I'm sure i'd be an earthbender.. if I could bend stuff.
Smoke can be a difficult thing to animate!
Also a looped version on DA --> link


Arkaria said...

Wow this is fantastic! The movement is so fluid

Christian Pearce said...

Haha! Yeah man! Awesome!

Andrew Olson said...

Killer animations you've been doing lately!

Kim Smith said...

Jeff, these animations you're doing are fantastic! Love it!

Jeffrey Lai said...

aw thanks everyone \o/
I'm glad people like'em :)

Tommi said...

These are great Jeff! Have you seen Sumo Lake? I think me you might like it.