Animation fun!

My adventures in animation continue...
So much brain power involved!
Just messin about in photoshop.
(i'm teaching myself, but if anyone has any advice
it would be greatly appreciated!)
It's Korra this time XD
Click it to make it move!


Daniel Cruit said...

Jeff, this is sick. Really makes me want to try animating something real short! How long did this take you?

Scott Altmann said...

that is awesome man - you definitely have a good feel for animation. Are these just Photoshop GIFS ? That's crazy man!

Justin Rodrigues said...

DUDE! I'm impressed. That was awesome and i can't wait for the show!

morye said...

cool stuff, big fan of avatar anyway.

try to give the movements different speeds, ease in and ease out. also you can start your movements in the opposite way first (2-3 frames) --> anticipating the movement. makes it more life like.

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks guys!

Daniel: This one took me an afternoon!
you should totally give it a try!

Scott: haha! Yes! I did this in PS but I realize it's prob not the best software out there! too clumsy for it

Justin: I know! I can't wait for it!

Morye: Thanks! that's an awesome tip, it totally makes sense! I shall remember this for future ref.