I just wanted to see if I could try animate!
It's alota fun! needs alota brain power too, 
coming up with choreography and thinking 
about how people actually move.
Makes me appreciate it even more.
(and now want to learn more about it!)
Used Aang from Avatar as a base
(I guess you have to click it to see it move)
attempt at a walk cycle!
and just some lifedrawing!


Travis said...

That's fantastic, Jeff! I envy your skills but you also inspire me so I'm not too jealous or sad. :)

Jeremy Elder said...

Cool animation. Very good for a first attempt!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Good stuff, I really like the jump and roll!

Joffery said...

nice composition. I think its just as important over just observing.

Scott Altmann said...

Hey Jeff! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I've been checking all the updates here, but I get lazy with commenting. WOrk is looking great as always and I love the animations! Do more : )
Keep it up man - and keep in touch!

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks everybody!
I'm glad the animation came across ok O_o

Joffery: Thanks! I try to make it a little bit more interesting with the composition!

Scott: Thanks dude! for sure!

Anna Christenson said...

These are really great Jeff!