Sketchbook 32

More! Oh I also got a pic in the Megaman Tribute book!
hm everything seems to have wings in this post.
Reau also asked me if I wanted to do a pic for his project
"Thor Thursday'
Can check out his work here
and some lifedrawing.


Rafael Sarmento said...

Everything you do is just EPIC mate. So, what else can I say...? ;^D

And once again, congrats on the Megaman book!!!

Tim Hackett said...

Great work dude! Love the life drawing sketches too!

Jez Tuya said...

Beautiful stuff bro. Particularly the second sketch.. so good

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thank ye all!

Scott Altmann said...

whoa! this post is totally epic indeed...just like Raf said.
So much much ...... goodness....;)