Sketchbook 26

I got this in the mail today!
Very grateful he took the time to sign something for me!
Well I don't think anything can top that,
but heres some more doodlin.


Travis said...

That's awesome, Jeff - I love James Gurney's work! It's very cool he took the time for you. :D

C.R. MacTernan said...

Hey dude! I haven't stopped by in a while. Still rockin' hard as ever I seeeee. Hope all is well you crazy kiwi! ;) Bestest.

Sean Thurlow said...

Jeff your figures are outright kicking butt. I love it all, it's cool to see you have been staying busy also. Gurney is the man! I met him briefly last semester at my school. His book on color theory is a great one to read if you get the chance to grab a copy of it. Keep killing it man.

Scott Altmann said...

nice stuff and I think that dragon is pretty cute !

Rafael Sarmento said...

Hey what's up mate!

You never cease to amaze me man, and I was REALLY honored by your comment on my blog... so inspiring to have this exchange with you!
Thanks for the kind words, and I borrow them to say the same to ya - your evolution is KILLING man!!! And it's also nice to know what you're up to.

All the best, and please dude, let's keep in touch! ;^)

Ps.: Your link will me moved to the "Comrades" section on my blog, haha

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks peoples!

Travis: Yes I was quite surprised as well :)
Christine! Nice to see you! I hope all is well with you too
Sean: Thanks man!
Scott: hehe thanks
Raf: ah don't mention it all! and fo sure on the camaraderie :)