White Cloud Worlds' Exhibition!

Exhibitionnnn is open!
Go take a look if you're around!
Here is a little blurb.

The 'White Cloud Worlds' exhibition is on now at The Dowse Art 
Museum in Lower Hutt. This incredible collection of science fiction 
and fantasy artwork showcases the imaginations of 27 New Zealand 
artists. There is something here for everyone; sketches,  sculpture,  
original oil on canvas pieces and large scale prints.  

The exhibition runs until March the 13th and entry is free.  
The 'White Cloud Worlds' exhibition accompanies the 
'White Cloud Worlds' book which is available now at the 
gallery and in all good bookstores. Check out the exhibition, 
 it's a great way to entertain your holiday guests!

The Dowse Art Museum,  Laings Rd,  Lower Hutt
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and some lovely photos

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Carolyn said...

Very cool! This looks awesome!