Still at it!
Trying to push myself.
Think i'll give it a colour over soon


rodrigoart said...

Looks great Jeff- you're on fire!

ravenskar said...

Jeffolaylay! I just wanted to say that I'm so happy to see how your style is evolving! You've always got such a lovely, rustic quality to your pictures (especially your coloured pieces).

It's really as if you were made for fantasy illustration; all those goblins & orcs are just calling out to you!

Felipe Gaona said...

Great work Jeff!, I love all the details on the character, I do think you need to differenciate the tones a bit more in this one, the main figure gets a little lost.

Is this for the Dungeon Delve challenge?


Pika said...

wow it looks great in black and white :)
I am lookint forward seeing it in colored version :D

Sala Leota said...

nice composition! Would love to see it in colour!

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thank you very much!

Raven: haha goblins are orcs are just so fun!
Felipe: Thanks! Yep i'll have to get back to fixing that one. Oh no this was just for fun :)