Taunt - Colour

Now in colour! fixed up a few things along the way,
 so hopefully overall it looks abit better.
Is it just me, or does googlechrome disaply my work
way darker than in firefox..


Jan said...

GChrome doesn't use icc profiles for displaying images, while Firefox defaultly does.

It may be a rather important issue, not just related to Chrome.
I talked about it in this blog post a bit:


In the second part - Monitor woes.

Jeffrey Lai said...

ah thanks for that Jan
very helpful indeed!
darn monitors!

Lady T said...

Gorgeous colouring! A wide mix of tones in there, is brilliant! :O

Tommi said...

great composition Jeff- If I could offer a crit it would be that the dark values of the goblins behind the dwarf are competing a little. If you lowered them or even used blues/purples in the shadows then that might drop them back and give even more depth to the picture and enhance the narrative even more. NB this is nitpicking- great job.

Alex Lyon said...

Great new stuff Jeff, I really need to start checking your page more. You have been pretty productive lol. I really like flow in this piece, but nothin beats the magic cat and composition of the one bellow this. Good stuff.

Jeffrey Lai said...

LadyT: Thank you very much!
Tom: Thanks man! oh yea I see what you mean i'll take all nitpicking!
Alex: haha thanks dude