White Cloud Worlds Anthology!

Hey Everybody!
My tutor from Uni, Paul Tobin has created a anthology called 
'WhiteCloudWorlds' which is full of fantasy and sci-fi arts 
from New Zealand! An honour to be part of it! 
The other artists in it are sooo pro, it hurts my eyes.
for more info you can check out the website or the blog.
--> Website : Blog <--
If you happen to be in NZ during December theres an
exhibition taking place at 'The Dowse' showing our arts!
--> Link <--
and heres some more arts!


Sala Leota said...

Congratulations on being featured in the book man, great stuff keep it up! Liking the image with the mountains in the background. I really like the mood you have created.

Jake Murray said...

Congratulations! The book looks awesome. I'm digging the new stuff too. They all have this nice "juicy" quality to them. Great work!

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thank ye very much!