Gouache practice.

I haven't used gouache.. for a while.
So got a cast and did a study! Done from life.
Cthulhu isn't very happy with BP.
Man why don't they just get their act together already.
The whole situation saddens me, esp for the wildlife.
How can they possibly make up for damaging the ecosystem.


Ben BASSO said...

Haha, Cthulhu against BP !
Awesome pieces once again, Jeffrey !

Lady T said...

Love your entry on CG Hub! It looks so big and omnious...!

Scott Altmann said...

really cool Cthulhu drawing - looking forward to seeing how this one turns out :)

Charles Santoso said...

very cool, Jeff. Killer pencil rendering you have here! :D wow

Jeffrey Lai said...

Ben: Thanks! yeaaa BP needs to go down
LadyT: Thanks! your entry was pretty kick ass too!
Scott: haha Thanks!
Charles: Thank you very much!

rodrigoart said...

sweet the cthulhu is going well! are you going to paint it?

Bp werent even supposed to be drilling so deep...greedy stupid bastards.

SKIZO said...