Colour 2!

Just a few more!
Trouble for the astronaut and a canyon city.


Jael Segura said...

I'm very fond of the second one. The play of red saturation and the yellowish sky with otherwise muted tones lends itself beautifully to the image.

Keep 'em coming!

Diegus said...

I agree, the second one is lovely ;)

Finn Clark said...

Amazing work. Really love the landscape :)

rodrigoart said...

i fucking love the colours and brush-strokes in the mountain range, beautiful!! man you should do like a big epic one with loads of clouds and evreything, then print it and send it to me lol :P!!

Scott Altmann said...

wow- that second one is gorgeous Jeff!

Jeffrey Lai said...

Jael: haha Thanks! Will do!
Diegus: Thanks!
Finn: Thank you!
Rodrigo: haha! I think I just might do that! (you live in OZ don't you?)
Scott: Thanks very much!

Mariusz Kornatka said...


All the best,