I swear I still paint stuff!
(mechas are o so hard to draw)


ravenskar said...

DUDE. while your drawings are wonderfully epic, that painting at the bottom (is that meant to be you?) is SO GOOD.

MuYoung Kim said...

I. Hate. You.

By Buddha's Belly, Jeff, you're not just good, you're getting dangerously good!


Ben BASSO said...

Fantastic, as always!

Michael Manalac said...

The tones in that last pic are badass!

Jeremy Elder said...

Nice! I don't mind seeing drawings.

Karen said...

Man you have so awesome pencils! And your colors are fantastic.

I'm totally gonna be following your blog. Sweet work.

Charles Santoso said...

excellent works here! Wow.. Keep it up! :D

coquillaud lilian said...

i like your dark drawing

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks everyone!
Raven:yepp it be me! its for a book thing here in NZ had to do a selfportrait haha
MuYoung! lol its so nice to feeeel the love
Ben: thanks very much
Michael: Thanks man!
Jeremy! Thanks i'll keep them comin!
Karen: Thanks! nice to have you here!
Charles!: Thank you! (thought your bobbychiu stream submission was excellent!)
coquillaud lilian: Thank you! your work kicksass!
always inspiring to visit your blog

Cory said...

Ho Jeff. Polish, polish, polish... gold! Rock that eraser, you know who loves ya.