more more sketchbook

Geez Jeff when are you gonna paint something haha
Sketching is just too addictive.
Anyone see the crazy of Nibru on


mo said...

dude! Nibru kicks ass!
the rest is also top stuff as usual... :)

Nori Tominaga said...

awesome as always! I also loved the very last one where youve smudged your lines to add to the atmosphere. lovely

MuYoung Kim said...

Dear Jeffrey,

Please send a portion of your brain so that I may consume a morsel of your ridiculous talent.

Postage paid.



Christian Pearce said...

Wha! These are great! I don't think they need painting up - they're fantastic as they are dude!

Anna Christenson said...

I really like the spaceship/machine thing...but all the sketches are awesome really. Man, I need more time to sketch; you've inspired me!

Jeffrey Lai said...

hehe nibru, thanks Mo!
Nori: Thanks! I also like that one too! just experimenting abit
MuYoung: hehe genius! gonna have to draw it now.
Christian: Thanks so much! an honour!
Anna: Thanks! I think I need to practice more spaceships! yes we need to see more drawing from you!

Finn Clark said...

Great new stuff on here Jeff. Love the forest paintings!

Jon Hodgson said...

I love it! All of it! A bit too much!

Jeffrey Lai said...

hehe thanks Finn and Jon!

Trashy said...

Jeffrey your linework is super! I really enjoyed going through your sketches!