Artorder: Environment

I might enter the artorder challenge.. if i make it in time that is. I have these initial sketches I did, which I thought were ok. Need to keep working on my environment-ing/pencil skills. sketchbook! --> link


Purdy said...

I particularly like that middle one Jeff, nice sense of depth and size there. I'm hoping you can finish up because I've love to see how you handle the paint for these.

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks Scott!
I prob won't be able to make it in time
(i'm comin down with a cold *_*)
but I think i'll finish them with colour anyway!

Jeremy Elder said...

Amazing compositions. The last one makes my head spin in a good way. I guess to pick one you just need to ask yourself what is important to accentuate in your story/concept.

Get well, I would finish one for the practice and because your pencils look great.

mo said...

nice compositions buddy! and yeah it would be great to see them painted!
I am totally snowed under with work, so I have to skip this week`s challenge... :(
Good luck and cant wait to see all the other entries.

Torei said...

Wow. Look real cool man. Can't wait to see it being painted up.

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks Jeremy, Mo, and Torei!
I'm workin on it right now :D