Artorder concept sketch: Usual suspects

Heres my lineup! Leader/Defender/Striker/Controller
Mine was more of a fantasy setting.
I really like doing armour designs, so fun!
*Update: managed to get a comment from Billy George!
I have to agree with his comment whole heartedly
" I find these shape designs really interesting. The agressive harshness of some of the shapes contrasted to the curves looks cool. Unfortunately three of the figures are similarly proportioned and tghe poses don't communicate as well as they could."


Heather Hudson said...

Beautiful treatment. I like.

mo said...

nice stuff! my fav is the last one with the throwing knifes! :)
cant wait to check out the other entries! seeya at the challenge buddy!

Christopher Burdett said...

Very nice. Your set really stands out. Has it's own feel for sure!

Petra said...

hi! did you use Alchemy to make this? I really like it and just started using Alchemy too :) gonna follow you!

Jeffrey Lai said...

Thanks Heather, Mo and Chris
everyones lineout came out great!
Hi Petra: Yip! I did use alchemy, then i took it into photoshop to clean it up :)