Digital sketchin

I'm looking for work! oh how i'd love to work at Dreamworks!
if anyone has any leads, i'd be more than grateful!
Did these in Photoshop!
(I like the zombie hermit crab, it ambushes its victims by hiding inside 
the previous victims skull.)
The humanoid one, sews victims faces together to make a mask


Scott Altmann said...

badass man - I dig the zombie crab too :)

Good luck with the job hunt....try if you're interested in gaming. THey seem to update regularly. I wish I knew more...sadly ...I don't :(

Ty Carey said...

I hope you've tried Weta! They're close by, right?

Jeffrey Lai said...

Scott: Thanks! ah thats cool, its nice to know you'd help :D

Ty: oh yea I've tried in the past, but I kinda want to leave NZ and go somewhere different!

MuYoung Kim said...

Quite frankly, I'm deeply suspicious of anyone who doesn't dig the Zombie Crab... :P

If I hear of anything, be certain that I'll pass it along (unless it's a job I want...don't want to deaden my chances with you as competition...grrr.. :P) Unfortunately, most of the people I know in video games have been laid off in the last six months. Things are rough, but if anyone can make it, I feel confident it's you!

Wow...that was long bit...of something? O.o

Diegus said...

Good sketches! Try this out, Jeff:

andré said...

Nice sketches, Jeff. I've seen a job posting on a recent ArtOrder post. Besides that, nothing. Do you have a LinkedIn profile?

Cya and good luck!

Jeffrey Lai said...

MuYoung: Thanks! thats very much appreciated, Would be cool if we were to work at the same place XD
Diegus: Thanks! ah that looks like a handy website!
Andre: Thanks! yip I tweeted you back!